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Little One


summary: In which Dan falls in love with a tall boy that likes coffee and calls him ‘little one’.

genre: pure fluff

warnings: none

wordcount: 2 758

a&n: okay i’ve been working on this for a while and the nickname is from zalfie bc alfie calls zoe little one and its the cutest thing in history so i had to write something sorry, also normally i don’t like to use nicknames in fics bc it makes me feel cringy but the reason i use it in this one is p clear and its adorable okay go on read its v cute


Dan’s hair is damp and it’s curling at the edges. He’s laughing all whilst groaning about how his hair is going to look like shit in an hour and Phil can barely focus on walking straight because Dan’s there, right next to him, and he can’t fucking believe it.

“You don’t understand how seriously I take my hair business,” Dan mumbles, a faint pling sounding from somewhere above them as they enter a small cafè somewhere in Manchester, and Phil can’t help but giggle.

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